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    • This site is no longer updated February 8, 2011
      This site is no longer updated. All existing and future homologue posts can be found at http://www.tamarinnorwood.co.uk/blog/ Advertisements
    • The body of the text #1 January 13, 2011
      We say: the writing of a text is its dying song.
    • The Third Bird January 9, 2011
      Here I am telling poems at the Icelandic Embassy. You can’t tell from the sound, but there’s a section where I wrote the words on paper as I recited them, dragging the line of text between opposite walls, carrying it through the air on a page of my notebook. I held the open notebook horizontally […]
    • Musica Practica at Tate Britain January 5, 2011
      Speaking of that Kaprow statement, my ongoing work Musica Practica is programmed for Tate Britain’s Late at Tate event in February. Moving the performance into a museum makes a change from its original South Bank location, where it took place both outdoors and outside of a designated art space. It meant people stumbled upon the […]
    • Allan Kaprow – Art as Life January 4, 2011
      “I’m put off by museums in general; they reek of a holy death which offends my sense of reality. … Moreover, apart from my personal view, most advanced art of the last half-dozen years is, in my view, inappropriate for Museum display. … Museums do more than isolate such work from life, they subtly sanctify […]
    • Hints & Tips Poster #6 December 18, 2010
    • A LINE IS A LINE FOR ALL THAT December 10, 2010
      Andrew Graham-Dixon: Tell me why this is a drawing.  Why is it a drawing and not a text? Lawrence Weiner: Oh, using text for drawing is no problem.  It tells you something.  But drawing is explicit.  Drawing is not implicit; there’s nothing hidden in a drawing.  When you draw for people, you’re drawing something to […]
    • As you work they leave December 6, 2010
      Other people in three studios: “‘You know,’ Cage reportedly said, ‘when you enter your studio, everyone is there, the people in your life, other artists, the old masters, everyone. And as you work they leave, one by one. And if it is a really good working day, well, you leave too.'” (Robert Storr, pp. 59-60) […]
    • Reviews and Tights December 1, 2010
      I’ve just spotted online the Jolly (Good) Show review I wrote for a-n. It opens: “People don’t like it when you get your shoes lost under the desk and you slope around the office in your tights. It’s not professional.” It occurs to me this is the second review I’ve written involving tights. The other […]
    • Shoes December 1, 2010
      I like this a great deal. (shoe by Tag Savage)
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Art Fairs 2007

Like it or not, London’s October Art Fairs have begun. Here are a handful, but I’m sure there are more out there..

Frieze is only five years old but it’s firmly established itself as the big one, with all the other fairs advertising their respective distances from Regent’s park. Some go as far as to provide a free shuttle service from Frieze to their own doorsteps. The full ticket price is £18.50 to get in on the day (£10.50 conc), and if you haven’t already pre-booked your tickets, that’s what you’ll have to pay. Thur 11 – Sat 13 Oct 11am to 7pm; Sun 14 Oct 11am to 6pm.

Zoo originally set itself up the year after Frieze to showcase work by less established artists and younger arts organisations. It’s been steadily growing ever since (and I think inviting steadily more established practitioners) and this year it’s moved to the Royal Academy of Arts. They’ve also introduced an application procedure for the 2007 event. £12 entry. Fri 12 – Sun 14 Oct 12pm to 8pm; Mon 15 Oct 12pm to 5pm.

Bridge is established in New York and Miami and it’s in London for the first time this year. The exhibitors are predominantly from the US, with occasional European galleries and very few from anywhere else. The event is taking place at the Tragalgar Hotel in Trafalgar Square, and they’ve booked out every one of its 120 rooms. Admission is £10. Fri 12 – Sat 13 Oct 12pm to 8pm; Sun 14 12pm to 6pm.

Pulse only has 40 exhibitors, with the aim of providing “a friendly and intimate context for visitors and exhibitors alike”. It’s based at The Mary Ward House on Tavistock Place, and once again it offers free shuttles from Frieze. Once you get there you have to pay £10 (£6 conc), and it’s the only one I’ve seen advertising the fact that children get in free. Thur 11 Oct 1pm to 8pm; Fri 12 – Sat 13 Oct 12pm to 8pm; Sun 14 Oct 12pm to 5pm.

Year 07 has expanded since it began last year, and it’s moved to the County Hall, Southbank. They focus on emerging artists and galleries but it looks like they too are setting their sights on more established people and organisations. No concessions, but the £10 entry fee includes a catalogue. Thur 11 – Sun 14 Oct 12pm to 8pm daily.

This person has kindly put all the fairs onto a google map.


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